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    Chiptip Technology

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    Unleash the power of unconventional computing devices.

    Chiptip Technology enables programmers to use unconventional computing devices, especially FPGAs, in data centers.

    We provide a framework that distributes large computation among massive CPUs and FPGAs. You can either build your own CPU-FPGA data center, or use our public cloud (currently under construction).


    Chiptip Connect

    Use our open-source framework to build your own small CPU-FPGA data center!

    Put together some Raspberry Pi and Arty FPGA boards, and you can start your first CPU-FPGA distributed computing on your desk.

    FPGA Data Center

    Don't have an FPGA board? Use our public cloud to try your first FPGA app.

    Our data center is powered by our distributed computing framework which makes it easy for developers to develop CPU-FPGA distributed computation applications.


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